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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  July 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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if military morning commuters coming up some breaking news out of oakland. homicide detectives are adding to the starlight hotel. the call came a little before 3:00 this morning. we will bring you the latest developments as soon as we get it. today the medical dispensary is being readied to shut down where harbor side of the center is
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no one hears of video inside harborside. it is the nation's largest and highest profile medical dispensaries. the thugs called it a medical marijuana superstore. we've seen eight number othe u.s statement saying the filing of the fourth pitcher complains is part of our complaint the business is operating legally under state law but it is illegally under federal law.
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the owners here here at the harbor side are battling to fight this. we want you to answer what you think of the fed's cracking down on the pot shot and we will share your answers. the former head coach joe paterno defends his school. the suspect it is not a football
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scandal and it should not be treated as one. it also does not tarnish the eight academic the much anticipated report is expected to come out in just an hour. it could answer one of the darkest questions are round pick his assistant coach, sandusky. the investigator spent the past months digging through diversity males. the charges that have been brought are extraordinarily serious. the report could be up to 200 pages long. it focused on school officials and the school culture that allowed it to continue for so long.
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this letter is a big thing. we know that their report is about to come out, the players are going to use it as basically a playbook as eight lawsuits against sandusky fire fighters are busy in
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northern california at battling to large pile o fires. it began yesterday afternoon. it has burned to undertakers and evacuated to enter homes. officials are looking into the possibility of it being sparked part by fireworks. livermore was a hundred and four today, today a little bit cooler maybe one no one? actually 99 degrees is what livermore has in store today. the high pressure is sliding it little further east.
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the fog is coming in at a little becthicker inside the bay. it is 59 degrees in san jose right now. cool '60s and patchy fog arc toward the coastline. more than that to check on grows with the elizabeth. there's a live look at traffic heading into service cisco parade and lights moving into southbound traffic. overall your drive-through marin county is not too bad. in mill valley you could see some headlights are over there. fog is pretty thick along 1 01 praye.
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still picking up green southbound 880 is moving fine. that is your time saver traffic, back to you guys there's now $10,000 in reward money in information leading to a killer in east oakland. he was fatally shot in vacating house complex. the day before he began an internship with the oakland fire department. even though this was their first day of a six, seven week program i still considered him
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one of the members of our fire department. there are no suspects and motive is unknown right now. the man behind the wheel, daniel is expected to enter a plea. and richmond police are investigating an attack on a san paolo he suffered a concussion and spent two days in the hospital. ross mirkarimi is asking for
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for people to be subpoenaed for his misconduct hearing. he once before to testify in connection to mercury news claims that to ed lee lied on the stand. mayor ed lee response to the allegations saying enough is enough... the time is here for mirkarimi to begin dealing with the facts. merely also blasted the allegations that he perjured himself. epoxy on the peninsula is now recovering after being shot by police. he went to a home where he's
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scared a one-man parade police say the dog show their teeth and then lunged. they shot and the dog was shot near the eye. it doesn't matter whether it was a pitbull or a german shepherd, police are now investigating the shooting. and the puppy is expected to make a full recovery according to dr. baden aryans.
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sixth day in a row for losses on wall street. global markets the again today. this is day two in the civil
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trial against the convicted trial in a word. riser was found guilty in murdering his wife nina. in his wrongful death tryousuitd he is being sued by his kids. risers to children are now 11 and 12 years old living with their maternal grandmother in russia. as the police were marching
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off, people were already rebuilding and other kitchen and a library. they were already recreating a new space police say when they eat start getting complaints from the public they will start talking to the group and site as necessary. we still have a lot of overnight roadworks. if you lingering areas remains parade will get to that any minute. we do have a star reported right on the route to treasure island. let's hit our maps, it is a spare the air day parade you are encouraged to use mass transit.
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so far everything is on schedule for mass-transit. here's a live look at the nimitz, at 880 through oakland everything is moving fine. if you're continuing down toward a word, the air our effort still overnight roadworks yet to wrap up on highway 4. in the meantime we are just starting to see a few break white sox coming up westbound of the highway for parade otherwise to the south bay we go now, everything in downtown san jose is moving fine. highway 85, they've been doing a lot of overnight road works in
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the area. hopefully they should be wrapping that to produce soon as well. maybe within the next half hour parade some dense fog is visible as you approach the coastline. it's 66 degrees in livermore. 59 degrees right now in san jose parade it looks like we're heading toward a another hot afternoon inland. you may seat '70s and '80s in and around the bay parade it's going to be hot again in the central valley parade 104 in sacramento. won 07 in writing. the ridge of high pressure is
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starting to weaken somewhat and sliding further to the east. it is a another spur the air date. temperatures will be 96 degrees and milpitas. 102 in milpitas. brentwood. back to normal weather as we head into the first part of next week. but today it looks like another scorcher for many spots inland. a 19 year-old woman found dead in an oakland hotel room.
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right now homicide detectives are trying to find out who shot tour in the face. this is the star like hotel parade we have a crew on scene gathering details. we will have a live report coming up in the next half hour. a former child star a lashing out on tv parade before you start asking questions you should do some research. i beg for a grand jury hearing. there's more didn't was trying to ask about a civil suit. some parents in australia erred giving their offspring a lesson
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in safety. the practice is causing some controversy they're saying it's too dangerous for young kids. two divers found a shark in australia while they were diving. the shark turned toward them, but they used their spare gun to feared of preparethem off. astronomers use the hubble space telescope to capture this moon. the door of moon was captured
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they fell short of the super bowl, the new hardware the niners can show off this morning. and the bay conviction kicking off in southern california,,,,,, in
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the other day of hot temperatures show up of a some parts of the bay area. triple digits are heading in land, more on that coming up this is a look at 1 01 near the mikey exit. and northbound and southbound down are moving at top speeds, more on your commutes coming up vampire and was are taking over the convention center.
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others will camp out for a chance to see the final part of the twilight movie. basketball action is today's play of the day. indiana rep keep miles took a baseline past. here he comes. take that. a little based lined dump. that is our it play for the day. touchdown. the 49ers win over the saints. it won them the espy awards for
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best game of year. that was awesome. mitt romney brewed at the end double acp convention. the one word that sparked boost throughout the crowd. and the leader that's set to defend the huge medical marijuana operation that's been targetted by the end and the homicide,, ♪
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a woman's body found. the homicide investigation right now at the oakland hotel more salmon he to around the bay area, more triple digits, more on that around the bay area coming up will check with mass-transit coming up in 19 year-old woman is dead after she was shot in the face added oakland hotel. pat has the story. we're here on macarthur boulevard. this is an area marked by drugs and prostitution. inside a 19 year-old female was found lying on the floor. oakland police are reporting that she was shot in the face.
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the feds are going after the biggest medical marijuana pot dispensaries in neat the country. this morning at 9:00, a city leaders are going to be lined up to defend harbor sides try to do business. they found a note at the door of harborside, a federal complaint. it is the highest profile medical optiomarijuana operatio they called it a marijuana superstore.
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we have a statement from the u.s. attorney staying close to the larger the operation and the likely the abuse. we will you to answer this, would be think of the fed's cracking down on pop shops? once again the feds are wasting our money and is there something more important they can be doing? said a man on our facebook.
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a santa clara county oversight board has lord up for a money battle witagainst the forty- niners. the reputation and l take is here with what victims may do with the report it is expected to come out in 30 minutes. it is going to be the foundation of future lawsuits. former penn state players intend
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to use it to file lawsuits against sandusky. penn skateinvestigators spent tt eight months interviewing more than 400 people. the also did 3 university e- mails i'm committing to ensuring that are independent investigation be conducted in a thoroughfare comprehensive matter, leaving no stone unturned this report comes one day after joe paterno gave a passionate letter defending the school. he says that " this should not be a football scandal nor should it be treated a 11s
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we were 30 minutes away from this report. and has a lot of weights on it. it also comes on the heels of the letter that joe paterno men to release just before his death. this is going to focus on the school, what they did, who was involved, who did what and who did nothing a raging fire in the sierra foothills may have been sparked by fireworks. the fire is now 20% contained.
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it is burned 200 a. north of forest hill. two dozen people spent the night had a shelter. the cause is still under domestication. its still some of the hottest temperatures of the year. we may get to the triple digits in some spots parad some pecker fog out toward the coastline. temperatures are in the '50s and '60s early on. in mild 66 degrees in livermore right now. this afternoon will be about to
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99 in livermore. and just over 100 degrees in antioch and brentwood. more on your weather coming up in a moment. once again we have a another spare the air day. you are encouraged to use mass- transit spurred we are off to a nice start to just about everything. we are getting word of an accident, we're trying to see if lanes aren't blocked coming out of the walnut creek area. also, to the south bay now, if
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you're traveling through highway 85 apparently there are various off ramps). drunk driving may have caused a car to look over into one of its passengers. daniel is expected to submit a plea tomorrow. right now there is a makeshift memorial for the victim. the car flipped over after he lost control, press died at the scene. puppy was shot by police after they arrived when police got there they say the dog show their teeth embarked and lunched at the two officers.
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they fired off one shot and the puppy named mister nice was hit in the eye. there is a stigma of with pit bulls, they don't like them and so kill them it doesn't matter if they were a pitbull or a german shepherd, that's irrelevant please are investigating the shooting. mr. nice is expected to make a full recovery. the will started noticing the 10th of a bottle nose yesterday morning. the dolphin is not physically trapped in the slough, but it may be disoriented. i guess it was seen down in monterey a few weeks ago.
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the congressmen comes out clean about the abrupt leave i couldn't do it like i used to do it the search for an alzheimer's cure gets personal. the bay area researcher testing the drug she helped create. we will have more coming up, ,,,,,,
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to reform and save >> that was mitt romney getting booed at the speech at the naacp convention yesterday. the chair of the national board says members objected to the term obama care. he will be back in the bay area for three separate fund- raisers
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the son of the leader has been on medical leave it with no information about what is wrong with him. yesterday his staff released a statement from an unknown doctors saying jackson is receiving intense medical treatment for a mood disorder. his office is rejecting speculation that it involves alcohol or substance abuse >> the latest numbers on the unemployment across the country, the labor department says the number of new jobless claims fell to 350,000 last week, the lowest level in four years. stock futures fell slightly. the unemployment numbers are positive >> the names bernie madoff and stanford come to mind when you think of multimillion-dollar investment scams. last year the name m f global was added >> now we have the peregrine
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financial group. jewels schlesinger is here to tell us how we can protect ourselves and tell us what happened in these two cases and what was revealed >> this i will based brokerage firm is called peregrine financial firm and it operates under the name pg best. if file for bankruptcy and regulators cannot account for $220 million of customer funds. separately, a georgia banker has been charged with embezzling $17 million from the bank that represents customer funds. p f g chief ceo attempted suicide this week and did not succeed and aubrey lee price and disappeared last month and is still at large, the most wanted on the fbi web site, so very odd cases >> are there other red flags for investors? >> there are a couple of things
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that people need to think about. these are futures brokers and you need to be careful about maintaining futures, commodities, and currency accounts. these accounts have been no protections against bankruptcy, that is different than most retail brokerage firms that have members on the securities investors protection corp.. when that broker goes broke your cash and securities are protected up to a half-million dollars. >> besides using specific brokers, what are some of the other things investors can do >> i always think back to bernie madoff because the biggest flag is when an adviser to control all aspects of the investment process, the advice, the trading, and the custodianship. he owned all three companies that control all the pieces of the process.
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at most firms, at least one of those processes is handed separately which allows and checks and balances. in the price case, clients invested directly into the buys refer rather than depositing a check into a brokerage account, another huge red flag. you want to send it off to mr. aubrey's financial services. if you think investment sounds too good to be true, get a second opinion from another adviser or trust your gut and move on to another firm. that money watch we have how to find in an adviser who will not repeat off. >> think so much. >> there is a new issue today ahead of today's and yahoo! shareholders meeting. the report said a security breach may have exposed e-mail addresses and passwords of nearly a half-million users.
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the interim ceo is likely to be named to the position permanently. he took over in may after scot thompson stepped down five months into his tenure over allegations that he might have added his resume. yahoo! has had five ceos in the last five years. it is hot and mr. short pants himself is here >> i wish i was because it is soaked in hot in some of the valleys. we will probably see triple digits again today towards the coastline. some patchy fog speaking in towards the bay. it looks like those numbers will be heating up, a very mild started the day. by the afternoon, the upper 90s in triple digits, slightly cooler than yesterday but still
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hot matter how you slice it. out towards the coastline, not much of a heat wave there. patchy fog and temperatures into the '60s. 104 and sunny in sacramento. 101 in yosemite. the low pressure will drop into the bay area. air quality continues to suffer. it looks like temperatures are going to be hot down in the south bay. 78 degrees in hayward. triple digits into pittsburgh. inside the day you will see the sea breeze '60s and '70s. the next few days the temperatures drop off a little bit more significantly. highs in the eighties through the first part of next week. >> we have an ac transit camera
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traveling down the east shore freeway. in 18 minute drive time on westbound interstate 80 to the maze. we have cameras all over the bay area including one in the south bay. our photographer is standing by showing us this live look. so far things are moving fine. elsewhere, silicon valley commuters, westbound 237, we're getting word of what sounds like an accident off to the shoulder. heads up, you might see some slowing right there but if you're coming around the bend, so far conditions are nice and white. a quick look along the peninsula at 101, close to candlestick, not too bad this
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morning. >> the time now is 551, is the fishing video you need to see to believe. a couple loses the ketch of the day to a shark. ♪ ♪ >> it is a sure-fire way to make sure you don't forget the words to the national anthem. the country singer who apologized for using a crib sheet. hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> taking a look at some cameras across the bay area. a little foggy across the golden gate bridge but conditions are nice and light. it is a spare the air day and we will check mass-transit coming up. >> the video of a woman fishing in her backyard has gone viral. she was reeling in a small fish on the dock behind her house of the south carolina coast when a bull shark jumped out of the water and said, i will take that. the british government is
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taking steps to ensure a safe summer olympic games. 3500 additional military personnel have been put on standby. britain's security operation was already said to include 7500 troops, thousands of police, fighter jets, warships, and a team of bomb disposal experts as well >> it very researchers fighting the disease she spent years trying to cure, alzheimer's. >> to develop treatments for other diseases in the '90s as one of the world's foremost vaccine researchers. she turned her attention to alzheimer's disease. she said she knew something was wrong before she was diagnosed >> one of the things i did while commuting was play with numbers in my head. i couldn't do that like i used to. i said, this is odd >> she decided to help test the
5:56 am
very drug she helped create. every three months she goes to uc san francisco where the trial is based >> a country singer caught cheating on the national anthem >> look at brian was singing at the all-star game but right before he got to the ramparts, he took a glance at his hand. ♪ ♪ >> he was pretty sneaky about it. when sports commentator tweeted, louis bryant sings the national anthem the way i used to take geometry tests. after it the cheat sheet went by role, he said if i offended anyone with my approach i sincerely apologize. i think it would've been worse if he forgot the words >> at least she got it right. land of the brave, home of the free, which one comes first? >> in the next hour, a former bachelor puts his name on the
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map in one country. >> liam from the eye on the bay will be here, coming up. >> taking a lead wars to a whole new level. in medical marijuana dispensary fights for survival. >> a developing story, a woman i'll have the $4 everydaywoman value slam with... bacon.
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